Redecorating…Again! Wall Decals

I have the big OK to change our spare room (currently a guest room) into a playroom for the boys!  (Husband took a bit of convincing because, er, I only made it a guest room fairly recently…oops ;)).  But it will mean the rest of our house should look more like a house again, rather than a toy store.  I’ve shared my living room with a Thomas the Tank Engine trainset table and Fisher Price Laugh & Learn house for the past three years, and I’m a bit over it!

It means a fair bit of rearranging furniture to clear the guest room, and I think I’ll have to sell a couple of pieces of furniture too, like an old chest of drawers.  Actually I WILL have to sell a couple of pieces, to help fund the new decor for the playroom…

(And no we won’t pack any guests off to the local hotel.  We do have a sofa bed in the lounge room.) 

The upside is the room was repainted a few months ago, so it’s still fresh and a neutral colour.  The downside is the room is really small, so I’ll have to be smart about how things are placed.

That said, I always check out wall decals first.  I’ve used them in James’s bedroom and they look awesome!  I have always loved the tree designs.  Here are some off Etsy.  There’s also some really cool retro car designs too, and some quote decals.

So some of these are a little pricey, but it’s all in the name of research, right?

Spring trees, $145US, Smiley Walls

Owl Tree, $170US, Decor Designs

Animal Friends in Woodland, $185US, NouWall

VW, $45US, Badass Custom Decals

Old Car, $44US, Tezis

Help with sibling battles over toys?  Hug O War Poem, $39US, Kids Corner

One for the boys.  Nothing Like a Boy, $40US, Kids Corner



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