They Ate It. All Of It.

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand what I mean by the above title.

Just a quick one from me this evening.  We rarely have takeaway food for dinner (James has had fish & chips a handful of times) but tonight I needed something quickly.  Instead of takeaway though, I remembered spying little packs of risotto near the yogurt at the supermarket and rushed in to grab a packet ($7).  This is the one I chose:

Three minutes.  Microwave.  Quick side of greens.  Bit of grated cheese.  Done.

Would they eat it though?  Pleased to say Mr. 3 and Mr. 1 both ate it all, down to every last grain of rice!  It also had lovely chunks of (what looked like) atlantic salmon through it, and it was really yum.  No additives, either.  And at $7, much cheaper than takeaway! 

James’s t-shirt says it all


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