The Best Green Tea, Ever

This post to be immediately filed under ‘Nice Things’.  Quite simply, Nature’s Cuppa Organic Green tea (60 bags, $5.95 approx) is the best green tea, ever.

We each have a few foodstuffs that we come to rely on in life.  Dark chocolate.  Caramello koalas.  Red snakes.  Salt & vinegar chips, cookies ‘n’ cream icecream (well not always junk food…but you get my point).

Well for me, green tea is one of those things I rely on.  I have drunk A LOT of green tea over the past decade and have subsquently tried many options.  Loose-leaf, fancy green (eg T2 varieties).  Every major brand you can think of. 

Nothing comes close to this one.  Why is it so good?  Because it doesn’t taste like you’re drinking grass.  It’s clean and mild, with no aftertaste.  I’m not sure it gives me a caffeine boost at all, but it literally feels like it’s cleaning me inside.

I can confidently say this tea has got me through many tiring days.  It’s the first drink I have in the morning, even before a coffee.  On a good day I’ll drink at least six cups of it.  Obviously with two young kids, being able to finish six full cups of tea in a day is completely unrealistic, so I actually ”stock up” on the weekends and drink more of this tea when my husband’s home.

I also end every day with a cup (or two).  I even take the tea bags with me on holidays, and taken it with me when travelling interstate on work trips. 

A while ago now, there was none of this tea to be found at Coles (I went to three Coles in search of it).  I suffered mild panic attacks every time I saw the empty space on the shelf.  But I knew the shelf space must have been left empty for a reason, and sure enough, after a couple of months the tea was available again.  I bought every single box, piling them into my trolley like some mad woman possessed. 

Since then, thankfully I found you can buy it online at Nature’s Cuppa’s website

Message to Nature’s Cuppa: PLEASE NEVER, EVER DISCONTINUE THIS TEA.  Not until I at least have the option of buying your entire remaining stock.  At wholesale prices of course.


4 responses to “The Best Green Tea, Ever

  1. Well my lovely, on your instruction I bought myself this very tea this afternoon, and will now officially become an organic green tea loving chick. Goodbye skinny lattes. I don’t think I’m going to miss them at all! 🙂

  2. Oh great hope you like it! I do have one espresso coffee in the morning but then drink this the rest of the day. If u want to feel extra ‘clean’ in the morning make an apple and this green tea the last thing you have before bedtime…swear I wake up feeling better.

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