The Long Weekend

Despite a few coughs and colds, it’s been a great long weekend! Saturday night we had our neighbours Bec & Geoff over for a little dinner party – nice wintery food: aged beef fillet baked with red wine jus, roast pumpkin, potato & shallots with rosemary, sauteed green beans, with a WA cab merlot.  Bec & Geoff did a dessert of berries & chocolate mousse.  Yum.  We’re lucky to have such great neighbours – bonus is we can leave our kids at home and don’t need a babysitter.  Just stick a baby monitor on the windowsill and we can hear anything next door!

It’s been very rainy over the weekend, but today was a perfect Melbourne winter day, clear skies and not a breath of wind.  This morning we headed to the beach for a walk, collecting shells.  Raked up enormous piles of leaves & pleased to see we still had green grass underneath.  This afternoon the park…here are some photos of James and Ryan.


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