A Little Bedroom Chair

Firstly thank you DH for fixing my old laptop today…it’s years old but I love the keyboard on it and it’s nice to be back on it again! xx

So I finally bought a chair for a corner of our bedroom.  Our room is quite small, so it couldn’t be a large chair (such as a French provincial chair with ottoman, preferred choice..).  I like vintage chairs though, furniture that has a history, and saw many that had potential but required re-upholstering.  I do like certain danish-style 50’s and 60’s chairs which have made a big comeback recently…but some of them are downright ugly!

Anyhow, I had my eye on several new chairs, in the vicinity of $500 – $1000.  But then came across this little chair on eBay last week:

I love it!  It’s about 80 years old, petite, the rounded, curved back suits a corner position, the velvet is immaculate and the colour’s ok, and I love the curves of the wood in the frame and legs.  The legs need a bit of a light sand and oil but that’s easy enough.

Now I’m in the process of finding the right small, rectangular cushion for it now.  Once I’ve finished the corner in our room I’ll post a photo.

Oh, best of all it was $60!


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