I Think I’m in Love with ETSY

As someone who makes homewares, I was probably very late in coming across Etsy.com.  But it hasn’t taken me long to fall in love with this site!  It’s a pretty amazing space.  There are over 170,000 ‘shops’ on Etsy, represented by people creating & making their own art, homewares, clothing, jewellery…I could happily trawl through it for hours. 

I should point out I am not into ‘alternative’ handmade items:  for example, anything crocheted, quirky brooches, odd-looking neck warmers, girly hair-clips, resin jewellery and so on.  There is a fair bit of that sort of stuff on Etsy, and if you’re into it, great.  But there’s also just as much simple, classic and beautifully made things for sale too. 

I’ve done some specific searching in the areas that I love – simple beach-themed homewares, and also decor for kids rooms.  If you’re someone who loves to create things or decorate, there is so much inspiration to be found on Etsy!  Also a great place to buy some unique gifts (often really reasonably priced too).  Here are some favourite things I found.  Hope you like this selection as well.

And yes I will be listing my own handmade beach decor on Etsy too!  Stay tuned!

I have a thing for linen cushions with coral patterns on them.

Two cushions above by Kainkain

Cushion on chair (linen & velvet) by Manouvre

Fabric bunting for kids rooms.  Multicoloured bunting by Knottednest.  Pink bunting by Birdspoke










More cushions, a couple of owl-themed ones – they have thousands of cute original cushions on Etsy for kids’ rooms!

Cushion with tree by Petette, owl ”softies” by Robinandmould


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