Things I’m Loving for Winter…

I felt like writing a shallow, retail-therapy-kind-of-blog-post today.  Let’s make it about things I love so far for the cooler months this year.  I seem to be feeling the cold a lot more this year!  Maybe because this time last year I’d just given birth, and was carrying an extra 10kg of padding back then, hmmmm 🙂

First and foremost: my new tall ugg boots, by EMU Australia.  I did a fair bit of research before I chose these.  I sifted through all the fakes, and then of course came to the UGG Australia brand.  However, UGG Australia is actually an American-owned company and their boots (while made from genuine Australian sheepskin) are made in China.  Not appealing to me!

EMU Australia boots are made here in Australia, in Geelong.  Check out their website Emu Australia.  I bought this pair of tall chocolate brown ones, suitable for wearing outdoors, and have been wearing them everywhere.  I want another pair asap!  They are well-made, super warm and comfy of course.

Then I really needed a really long scarf, one I could wrap around my neck a couple of times.  I don’t like cottony ones, and prefer a plain scarf to patterns in general.  I like crocheted ones but some are a bit too ‘holey’…then I came across this scarf (Feather Scarf) by Rusty.  You can buy it for $39.95 at Jetty Surf or Surf Dive n Ski.  It’s acrylic, not my preference, but it’s so soft and finely woven it feels beautiful to wear.

I also bought a marle grey, long cardigan by Kenji (at Myer).  Most things at Myer are 30% off at the moment which was a nice bonus.  I don’t usually wear long cardigans because (even though I’m 5’9″) I worry that they swamp me…or that it looks like I’m trying to cover myself up.  I don’t wear much loose clothing.  But then with my new ugg boots, if I wear leggings, the look needs to be balanced with a long top.  Also, it is bloody freezing in Melbourne in winter and I need to be somewhat practical!  So I found this Kenji one.  There’s no image of it online, but it’s a thin but warm knit, not chunky at all, so I don’t feel like I’m wearing a blanket.  It has ties down the bottom which you can adjust and has double folds of material at the front that make it more stylish.  Husband thinks it looks sexy, which is great!

Finally, new skinny jeans.  I’ve been a big fan of 7 for all Mankind jeans for over 5 years now (I have 1/2 dozen pairs of them…).  But I felt it was time to experiment a little.  Especially as I like my Seven bootcut jeans, but don’t really like my 7 for all Mankind ‘Roxy’ skinny jeans.  So while I was at Jetty Surf I tried on a pair of Rusty skinny jeans. 

I am 33 and a mum, not some surf chick in her early 20’s…so I was a little hesitant in trying on Rusty jeans.  In fact anywhere the sales staff where born around the same time I finished high school makes me rather wary.  But these are surprisingly comfortable and flattering – well my husband says so, and he’s able to be honest!  Here’s a pic:


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