Mother’s Day!

I looovvvvee Mother’s Day!  Yes it’s a commercial day, but I’d rate it almost better than my birthday, as it is a day for appreciating mums and celebrating us and all that we do. 

In a paid job you have performance reviews and are acknowledged both in a formal setting and with a pay packet…but the job of a Mum doesn’t get any formal recognition, except, of course, for Mother’s Day. 

I’m enjoying mother’s day even more now that James is bringing home lovely creations from childcare and kinder, which he’s genuinely put great effort into.  This year I received a really creative bookmark – not the first bookmark I’ve received for mother’s day, and probably not the last!  But it was beautifully decorated by him and I can see he put a lot of care into making sure he’d stuck a button, cardboard shape, feather, or glittery heart on every part of it! 

It was also the first mother’s day at his kinder, and the kids did some little songs with their teacher and presented us Mums with a decorated box with chocolates inside, and a picture each.  Mine was a purple and green creation with metallic stars all over it, and more hearts 🙂

But the best part of mother’s day has to be the morning, oh yes, a rare morning where I’m left to sleep in (well, doze) and then the door opens with my family, breakfast brought to me in bed, and pressies!  I wish it would happen more often!  Here are my two boys making their way up to me on the bed before I got my gifts from them.

Little treasures.  Sometimes I still can’t believe I grew them…clever me 🙂

So I got my handmade mother’s day creations from James, a big bottle of L’Occitane hair conditioner I love, two pairs of pyjama pants (no tops), and a pair of tall chocolate brown EMU Ugg boots which I love.  Funny how pyjamas and uggs are mother’s day cliches, but they were perfect! 

The morning was spent with my boys just playing and going down to the cafe for coffee and the papers.  In the afternoon we baked some pear & oat muffins and just relaxed, it was a great day.  Thank you my boys!


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