Finally Back Here Again

Hello out there!  Finally I am back on here – not just on WordPress, but on an actual working computer with internet connection – after what feels like an eternity.  We changed service providers, and the changeover process was very time consuming.  Haven’t had access to my calendar (I use Outlook) or to files I’ve needed, as my laptop power cord died too.  Feel like I’ve been missing a limb.  My usually quite organised life has been turned upside down!  I’ve diarised things for years now in Outlook, so using my iPhone’s calendar (or – gasp – the pretty calendar hanging on the wall!) has been rather tedious.

Then yesterday our car refused to start, a few days out from us leaving for holidays next Monday!  Fortunately the problems are fixable without costing a complete fortune (old beemer, everything expensive to fix).  SIGH sigh sigh.  Perhaps from your mid-thirties on, disruptions like these become more irritating…changes to your routines aren’t as easy to adjust to!

I was also up in Sydney a few days last week, and my kids stayed here with my parents.  I was a bridesmaid in what turned out to be a wedding straight out of The Wedding Singer.  (That’s a blog post in itself, and when I have the energy to relive it all and write about it, I will.)  But I did have a night and most of a day to myself in Sydney, which was very enjoyable.  Visited the MCA, wandered the old laneways of the Rocks at twilight, and enjoyed a merlot (from Queensland, of all places) at the Wine Odyssey’s dimly-lit bar. 

Caught up with one of my best girlfriends for dinner, movie & a good bottle of red at Pony restaurant & bar.  Next day, leisurely coffee & almond croissant with the paper at breakfast, a manicure, a slow walk through the NSW Art Gallery (absolutely fantastic, moved me to tears), ferry over to Milsons Point, lunch in Kirribilli and a walk through Luna Park and ferris wheel ride…before meeting up with Bridezilla and commencing brideslave duties!

But I’m tired…….!  And I missed my little boys so much.  I don’t like being away from them.  Though my eldest has been developing a healthy sense of independence and confidence, or resilience, lately.  He said ‘I missed you Mummy and I love you…but you always come back.’  I’ve noticed this healthy independence this year when I drop him at childcare or preschool.  He knows I’ll be back, runs off to his friends, and isn’t worried at all now.  🙂

We have a week away next week!  A little family holiday, which we haven’t done for some time (nothing more than a long weekend anyway).  Staying just outside Apollo Bay on a large, isolated property with a river and hundreds of acres all to ourselves, forest, crisp country beachside air.  I miss the Great Ocean Rd – it’s been ages since we’ve taken a drive down.  Going to do a walk or two in the Otway Ranges, including the tree top walk.  Rug up and walk along the beaches…fireplace, wine and spa bath at night.  Can’t wait.

I have so much more to blog including my mother’s day & photos!  But off to pick up James from preschool.  Hopefully back again soon.


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