Sydney vs Melbourne – No Competition!

I spent the weekend just gone in Sydney for a hen’s day (and night) and am soooo incredibly happy to be back in Melbourne, even though I was gone only 48 hours!

This trip to Sydney really sealed it for me:  I am definitely a Melbournian now.  How do I know?  I felt no emotional connection with the city (Sydney) when I was there. 

I’ve lived in Melbourne for 8 1/2 years now and when I’ve visited Sydney, I would still feel a warmth for the place – for the old sandstone buildings, the harbour, the bridge, and various spots in all directions of the city that are special to me.  That represent a part of my history, since I lived there 25 years.

But this feeling’s waned over the years…to the point now where I felt nothing this last time I returned.  I even had a chance to wander the Rocks on my own on Sunday.  It was a beautiful crisp sunny day, stalls were being set up for the markets, people having breakfast in the cafes.  But even as I walked along an old cobbled street with the harbour bridge in front of me, a typical scene that would have made me all nostalgic, I really couldn’t have cared less. 

Instead, I found myself being critical of Sydney.  Was it my imagination, or is Sydney becoming more and more like the Gold Coast?  So many tacky cafes with plastic laminated menus, seedy nightclubs transforming themselves into ‘cafes’ serving breakfast out front come the morning (ugh)!

As for good coffee – why did I hold out hope?!  I walked blocks to find a cafe – one remotely similar to a cafe in Melbourne –  but to only find a Starbucks, and having to make do with drinking watery espresso.  There were a few cafes in the Rocks of course, but the double decker tourist buses and groups of Japanese tourists kind of put me off.  Of course I’m only talking about the CBD – I would have found a decent cafe in Paddington, Balmain, Leichhardt etc.  But comparing Sydney’s CBD to Melbourne’s, Melbourne is just all class. 

My Sydney friends are the only reason I’d go back for a visit now.  Or to show my boys the city.  I’m up there again in a fortnight, but this time around am having dinner with one girlfriend and drinks with another.  Best of all, they both have nothing to do with the wedding I’m involved in!  Yay!  🙂


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