I haven’t blogged for what feels like ages!  My laptop battery died, I’ve been so busy with the boys, organising local events here, as well as an interstate friend’s hen’s lunch & dinner, I just haven’t had time to stop.  Then last week Ryan caught a bug / cold and passed it onto me.  So this week has also been full of wakeful nights and runny noses 😦

Last weekend, hubby could obviously sense I was needing a break & sent me off for the morning to roam free! Ahhhh 🙂  I’ve wanted to browse the markets on my own, at my own pace for a while now – so I went to Prahran market & picked up some beautiful marinated lamb for $20, ground coffee, fruit & veges & a little sample of turkish delight for James.  Wanted to get other things, but I could carry any more than that (must buy a trolley…)

On the way home, I pulled over in Fitzroy St, St Kilda as I’ve been dying to go to the top end – just to a handful of places I always drive past but never stop at:  Moss homewares, the Banff bar/cafe and the Bookhouse, which is a small secondhand bookshop just down from there. 

So glad I did!  At Moss I didn’t buy anything, but I like what they stock.  The Bookhouse had so many great books – I spent $50 and got 2 for me, one each for James and Ryan (Dr Seuss, Bartholomew Bear book by Virginia Miller) and Gallipoli by Les Carlyon for Martin, a mammoth read and a book we were going to buy years ago but didn’t.  Anyhow all as-new condition.  I could have bought many, many more. 

Took my package of books to the Banff and it was lunchtime, so thought I would try one of their pizzas (the blackboard seemed to be just a big list of pizza).  I think they are in the Cheap Eats guide for Melbourne.  I had the ‘Squid, Chilli, Capers, Lemon, Garlic, Feta & Rocket’ one for $8.90 – it was great – lots of big capers, fresh lemon on the side, tender squid, chilli paste dotted over.  Yum.

Martin and I often want a ‘cheap eat’ when we have a night out without the kids, and this will be it next time.  We’d probably raise the mean age in the place by 10 years on a Friday night…with such cheap food & serving only cleanskins ($4.50 a glass), no doubt students and backpackers would be regular clientele.  But I’m sure we could find a cosy, dimly-lit corner!


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