Officially Over Chocolate

Happy Easter!  Finally Easter, and the long weekend, are here…and thank God because I am looking forward to going to a supermarket next week that’s VOID OF CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS.

Ok so no-one will ever be officially over chocolate, for good.  But I am close to it at the moment.

Stores started stocking easter eggs in January I think – very soon after Christmas, anyway.  So for about 3 months now, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies (bilbies, koalas, chickens, carrots..) have been displayed at the end of most aisles, plus a huge colourful display of them right next to fruit & veg.  For almost all of the 3 months, I managed to ignore the chocolate, and stick to the fruit & veg…

However, at the start of this week as it’s finally Easter, I bought some eggs for James (to have from the easter bunny) and another little packet of eggs for us at home as the odd treat.  Couldn’t hurt, right? 

Now I know there are some people who are pleased with this over supply of chocolate, happily buying some every time they shop.  But I only buy it on occasion, because, to be quite honest, I want to be able to fit into my jeans nicely!  And I prefer good quality chocolate with a high cacao content.  Or the occasional chocolately dessert at a nice restaurant.

It’s been a long time since I’d eaten that sugary, caramelly-tasting cheap easter egg chocolate.  I don’t have a huge sweet tooth and once went for several months without chocolate at all, and didn’t crave it.  But earlier this month, I’d sampled a tiny bit after James brought home some from easter egg hunts from kinder, playdates, etc.  Ooooh, it was sooo goood!  So sweet!  So tasty! 🙂

Last Easter I was stuck in hospital for a fortnight prior to giving birth to Ryan (forced bed rest), so I missed out on Easter.  Didn’t have any chocolate in hospital actually, even being heavily pregnant.  The previous year I was fit and being strict and didn’t eat (or desire) any chocolate.  So maybe I’d stored up a couple of years’ worth of chocolate egg eating in me, who knows?

So back to that little (100g) packet of easter eggs.  Pretty sure they were devoured that day, and no-one got any of them except me, of course.  The big sugar hit gave me this extra energy to deal with the kids and housework that afternoon…then I slumped come evening, once it had worn off.  Hmmmm.  My body suddenly realised that ‘hit’ was good.  So little easter eggs, I’m rather ashamed to admit, have somehow magically accompanied the milk & bread back from the supermarket almost every day this week.  The Lindt chocolate cafe visit on Tuesday did not help, either (see previous post) :/

And now, boy am I feeling the effects of the chocolate week I’ve had:  my usually pretty flat tummy is bloated, I’ve ridden waves of sugar highs and lows…I’ve forgone my normally healthy food to have chocolate instead (chocolate bunny for lunch, anyone?) and within a short space of time, my body feels like it now needs these chocolate fixes.  AND this morning, I noticed a few pimples along my chin!  I am 33.  😦

So, enough is enough.  Call me vain, but I like my jeans and having zit-free skin too much.  The easter bunny IS visiting our house tonight, but he shall only be visiting Martin and James.  Then tomorrow while I watch them chop through their chocolate, I’ll be gladly eating an apple or two.


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