Lindt Cafe Melbourne: Tried & Tested

Finally I went into the city specifically to eat (read: indulge) at the Lindt Cafe in Collins St, Melbourne.  Husband suggested we go, knowing it was one of the things on my to-do list (my darling husband, selflessly wanting to help me achieve my to-do list.  Nothing to do with wanting to eat Lindt chocolate cake.)  So Mr.1 and I caught the train in on Tuesday. 

In brief – was it good?  Yes.  Was it really great?, but read on..

Here’s a photo of the main counter.  Enough Lindt chocolate for you?!  Good time to visit, just before Easter of course – look at all those little eggs and chocolate ‘carrots’..and the matching coloured tin buckets!  Colour co-ordinated gourmet chocolate heaven..

And more…

Partly wanted to go to the Lindt cafe because of the building itself – it’s located at the front of the old nab bank building which was recently restored.  Very atmospheric, double ceilings, beautiful art deco details.  I appreciate how the glass ceiling pendant lights look like wavy bits of chocolate, very fitting..

So onto the CHOCOLATE.  The menu has a page of non-chocolate food – croissant, baguette etc, which I didn’t bother reading (who’d actually come to eat a ham & cheese croissant at a Lindt cafe?), then a series of hot & cold chocolate drinks and the Lindt desserts. 

Out of the desserts I couldn’t go past the warm Chocolate Lava Cake, $15, which has had its fair share of reviews, but the ‘Lindt white chocolate icecream’ on the side sounded too good to resist.  Husband chose the Chocolate Hazelnut Gateau, $12: a vanilla bean cake with roasted nuts, gianduja and chocolate ganache.  Drinks – we both had coffee, long black for me and latte for husband.

So here are our cakes, the Chocolate Lava Cake at the front:

Our expectations were pretty high – being specifically a chocolate cafe, and for almost $40 for two desserts and coffee, we were anticipating some ‘wow’ factor in terms of presentation and taste. 

Presentation didn’t disappoint with the Lava Cake – warm melted dark Lindt on top, icecream in separate side dish, two chocolate sticks, raspberry & dusting of icing sugar.  It looked an impressive dessert; though I thought for $15 that the cake was on the small side.  The Hazelnut Gateau looked rather, ummm, boring!  Came with a dollop of fresh double cream on the side and three fresh hazelnuts on top of the cake.

My lava cake was warm, and very rich, but I felt the cake was actually too floury and there was not enough of a ‘burst’ of warm gooey chocolate in the centre as I dug my spoon in (I’d assumed it would be like that based on the menu description).  The icecream was lovely & combined well with the cake.  It was a rich dessert, and although initially I thought it was too small, I couldn’t have eaten another.  (Well okay maybe).

Husband’s choice was, he thought, straight out of the fridge.  Not that it was stale in any way, but it certainly hadn’t been made that morning.  Tasted more of hazelnuts (lots of hazelnut meal) than Lindt chocolate. 

Funnily enough, that distinguishable Lindt chocolate flavour didn’t come through in my dessert, either.  Is it because when the chocolate is heated it loses some of that yummy Lindt taste that you get when you break it straight off a block?

The coffee was great!!

It was nice experience…did we walk away really impressed?  No, I’m sorry to say.

Upon closer inspection of the Lindt balls at the counter, there were three flavours I hadn’t tried – peanut butter, cookies & cream and coffee.  Of course I had to purchase one of each to sample, and tried them later on that day (major chocolate overload). 

Peanut butter is one of my favourite treats, but such a shame that the Lindt ball doesn’t work with a peanut butter flavour!  Cookies & cream was far too sugary-sweet.  Coffee was good – very rich (though I was feeling a little ill at this stage from all the chocolate) I’d have definitely have the Lindt coffee ball again. 

All in all, I think I’ll stick to a block of Lindt from the supermarket – I reckon a few squares of this is the best way to eat it 🙂


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