This Week’s Food Notes..

Food this week has been yummy so far and it continues throughout this week also.  Sunday evening we cooked salmon fillet with a slightly crunchy glaze of chilli, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, honey, lemon, coriander.  Salmon is cooked separately then the glaze is cooked the pan until bubbly and sticky.  Then poured over the salmon and put it all under the grill for a few minutes, which makes the edges of it all crunchy.  Served this with coconut rice and steamed broccoli and asparagus…yum!

Then last night, redeemed myself as ‘best cooker’ in the house after both boys enjoyed their dinners…James’s took 5 minutes to cook – bacon & onion diced and fried in olive oil, then chucked in some leftover coconut rice, a tiny bit of soy sauce, corn, peas.  Easy fried rice – the coconut rice made it extra tasty.  Ryan had risoni – used the remaining bacon & onion diced finely with 1 clove garlic and a little fresh rosemary fried together, then peas and corn added, diced tomato..simmered for a while, then risoni stirred in at the end.  This was so tasty I had some with veges.

Martin and I then have two dinners out this week…Thursday we’re eating at Kenzan at GPO Melbourne, a fairly casual Japanese restaurant tucked down the laneway behind the GPO building…delicious sushi and sashimi, looking forward to that.  Then Saturday evening we’re meeting up with Baz and his new girlfriend (who we haven’t met yet) in St Kilda for drinks at Claypots bar then dinner there also.  Last time I went there, the service wasn’t flash, but the food was still good – will see how it is this weekend.  Hopefully the cajun flathead won’t be sold out this time before we eat!


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