Flat, Odd-Looking Bears..

Yesterday I bought this unusual-looking flat bear for Ryan.  It’s called a Tag Along.  Maybe I was a little hormonally imbalanced when I decided to pay $29.95 for it (eek!) as it isn’t very big.  (If only I could sew, but can’t to save my life). 

Ryan likes tags on things, so was hoping he’d take to this as a comfort toy for sleeping, instead of his current ‘security’ which is his old baby sleeping bag.  Unfortunately not – he’s firmly attached to his old sleeping bag, using it like a security blankie.  Anyhow, I like this Tag Along bear.  Like that it is flat, the colourful ribbon tags and especially the face.  Although I can understand why Ryan looked at it strangely..

I also like the Flat Out Bear by FlatOut Australia.  Made from sheepskin. Here is one in Latte, super cute!


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