What Were They Thinking, Sandringham

This is the first house to be filed under a new category, called ‘What Were They Thinking’. 

As much as I enjoy photographing homes that are beautiful, there are some homes that beg for their photograph to taken, too, for the complete opposite reason.  Houses that make you wonder, ‘what on earth were they thinking when they built/renovated that?!’ 

There are many houses built that are satisfactory, nice enough, relatively easy on the eye, basic, replicated.  I’d say at least 80% of homes built fall into the ‘nice enough’ category. 

But then just how stunning, well-designed homes are standouts, there exists a small percentage of homes that are so stunningly disgraceful, they too are standouts in their own right. 

I don’t know how owners of ‘What Were They Thinking’ homes feel.  They may dislike their house as much as I do, want to demolish it and start over, but don’t have the funds.  They may cringe in embarrassment every time they leave their house and come home.  So I won’t comment on these ones: a picture tells a thousand words anyway.


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