Traditional and Modern, Sandringham

Brick Californian Bungalow on the hill, Sandringham.  Sandringham’s history dates back to the 1850’s, but a lot of californian bungalow homes were built between 1910 – 1930 in the area.  Our house is a weatherboard one (built in 1922), but some are more stately brick bungalows, like this beautifully renovated example.

Modern glass home 1, Sandringham. Not quite sure exactly why admire this home, but I do. Maybe the boldness of the entire front wall being glass. And just the simplicity of it.

Modern glass home 2, Sandringham.  This is my favourite modern home in Sandringham.  It’s just off Beach Rd opposite the bay.  I love the front glass panels, landscaping and use of warm wood on the front steps and down the side passageway to the back of the house.  The second photo below shows the rear of the property.  They have another glass wall here: look inside and you can see a frameless wooden staircase complementing the wood used outside.  Just stunning and perfectly designed for the block, which is quite narrow and compact.


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