Cooking Greek

After a fantastic meal last weekend at our local Greek restaurant, Theo’s Greek Tavern, I’ve been inspired to try cooking some Greek food for the first time (well aside from a greek salad) for dinner tonight.

I ate the most delicious biftekia, which are beef rissoles.  I was hesitant to order them at first because I didn’t want to have just plain rissoles – but they were far from plain.  In the middle they had a warm mix of spinach and fetta, and the beef was very tender and moist.  Lots of herbs used, thyme or oregano.  I found a recipe for biftekia stuffed with fetta.  I’m not adding the spinach as I want James to eat it!  The link to the recipe is here.  Will be interesting to see how the yogurt combined with the beef mince makes it more moist.  Also I am using full fat greek yogurt, not low-fat plain yogurt.

Then as a side I am cooking greek potatoes, which are softer than traditional roast potatoes, as they are par-boiled first, then some water and lemon juice is added while they are baking.  I’m not adding fresh oregano to them, just water, olive oil, lemon juice.  You can find the recipe that I’m using here.

Evening update – okaaaaay so let’s see.  The potatoes were softer than normal (good), garlickly and lemony (good) but just nowhere near the same as the greek potatoes we had when we ate out!  The biftekia.  Needed more salt.  Needed more fetta in the middle – even though I put a fairly sizeable piece in the middle of each pattie it wasn’t enough and didn’t ooze much.  Maybe more cheese and cook longer and slower next time.  Having said that though, it was a tasty meal and filled with more flavours than usual.


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