Our Five Year Anniversary

Martin and I were married five years ago on this day, 20th February – it’s gone so fast!  Our first traditional ‘milestone’ in married life…  Tonight we’re going out for a drink at Six Keys, Beaumaris (just off Beach Rd) which we haven’t tried before, but it looks nice – so will see what the atmosphere’s like there.  Then having greek at our local Greek restaurant Theo’s.  We could have gone somewhere fancier, but it is a special place for us as we first ate there over six years ago.  It wasn’t a greek restaurant then (was Italian), but it was when were were house hunting in the area back in 2003.  We sat at a little window table and excitedly talked about how great it would be to live here and how nice it was down by the beach…and now here we are. 

I got the most beautiful bracelet from Martin as an anniversary gift.  We saw it a few months ago in the city and he went back and got it!  It’s made by Kailis pearls, a silver wheat chain bracelet with big clasp and a south sea pearl that slides along the bracelet.  It’s gorgeous and I’m a lucky girl.  But also very lucky to have a wonderful husband who cares about me so much and supports me in whatever I want to do.

Then this afternoon my parents had a huge fruit box delivered to our house for our anniversary!  Was not necessary of them but a great gift and something we need a lot of with James and Ryan eating a lot of fruit too now.  It was ordered through Fruit Only.  Very tasty fruit – here’s a photo of the box below.  Off to get ready for a night out!  Here’s to five years!


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