I need sleeeeeeeep. Please!!!

The past week has been pretty difficult with Ryan getting a cold, fever, off his food.  Before getting sick he’d started crying if we left the room during the night (if we got up to him), so a bit of separation anxiety has kicked in.  Now he’s almost better, eating and drinking almost back to normal which is great…but I am kind of noticing the increased separation anxiety during the night has not gone back to what it was.  This could be a bit of a problem.  Will see how things go over the next few days.

Martin and I are both shattered after being up on average around 10 times a night the past week.  This morning James woke at very early (5:45am) full of energy ready to chat and wanting to play, as 3 year olds are.  My head was pounding – the brain can’t take it anymore!  Around this point when sleep deprivation has kicked in, I usually enter a bit of a ‘wish/wonder/plan/dream’ phase in my head.  Wish: wish Ryan would sleep through the night again.  Properly. Consistently.  Wish I could magically get 10 hours straight sleep – can you imagine?!  Wonder: is he going to sleep through the night at some point soon…at all????  Am I ever going to have a long sleep-in ever again?  Plan:  Begin Wotif research on Melbourne hotels for night away with hubby when grandparents can mind the boys.  Hotel must have comfortable luxurious beds and quiet rooms.  Do not really care about other hotel facilities.  Dream:  Holiday somewhere tropical with swim/eat/nap routine for the entire period………….


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