Cheeky Baby

About a week ago Ryan mastered a couple of new skills.  First, crawling properly (not commando crawling anymore).  Second, the art of pulling himself up to stand, at the sofa first, then very quickly moved onto the bath, drawers and James’s trainset table.  Just shy of 10 months of age.  He’s had a few falls because he hasn’t figured out how to get down once he’s standing.  So I am now either sitting him back down on the floor (which results in him just pulling himself up again), or negotiating train tracks and trains with James and Ryan at the trainset table.  I envisage many a brotherly feud at this table…  Ryan takes great delight in ripping up the train tracks James has just laid down.  So far James is taking it pretty well as I am trying to make into a bit of a game.  But doubt he will continue to see the humorous side of it for long…

Ryan the day before he pulled himself up at the train table


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