Weekend of Love

A beautiful breeze is coming through my window as I sit & type, watching the sun set in Melbourne this evening.  Lovely evening to end Valentine’s day. 

This weekend started off with a Friday night with one too many G&T’s and glasses of wine once the kids were in bed…and lots of dancing!  Fun yes, but that coupled with Ryan waking about 15 times during that night (has a cold), Saturday morning was a major struggle.  Somehow managed to do a workout at the gym and felt better.  On Saturday night Martin and I went to see the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’ – seriously corny and I’d say definitely B-grade — but had a nice soppy twist at the end.  It’s always a pleasure escaping to the movies, really no matter what movie we see.

Today for Valentine’s day we had a simple day with the kids…when I got out of the shower there was a red rose, card and a soap (MOR) I wanted, lovely.  What can I say, I love nice soaps!  We celebrate our wedding anniversary, which is next week, much more than Valentine’s day.  But today was filled with lots of kisses, dancing to music (with James as our audience) in the kitchen…and we’ll be having a candle-lit dinner tonight.  I’ve made a decadent dark chocolate mousse to have with fresh strawberries…

Day-to-day as life rushes past, it’s easy to not stop and spend time on your relationship.  That is, time without the kids, just as a couple again.  This week I rediscovered, again, why I married my husband — because he’s my best friend.


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