100 Things…A Bucket List

So I have finally committed to a bucket list and written things down that I want to achieve. Some are small, like watch the sun rise and eat at the Lindt cafe here in Melbourne (easy enough!). Others will take a little more planning and finances; and others require no money but sheer effort and persistence. See my ‘100 Things’ page for my current list.

To make things more ‘official’, I’ve teamed up with Sebastian Terry who created his own list of 100 Things a while ago www.100things.com.au and is currently travelling the world specifically to conquer his list (lucky him!). In the process though, he’s raising money fo Camp Quality. His is a very inspirational story and it certainly inspired me to write my own list, which I’ll add to in future. If I could raise money for Camp Quality in the process that would be fantastic!

I would love to inspire other Mums to create their own list and work through it – most likely it will take years – obviously we have less time on our hands – but it is something personal to achieve, for you and no one else!

I am feeling a little nervous and apprehensive about achieving my list though…I know no-one else is relying on me to achieve this, it’s purely a personal commitment, but I feel I’d be letting myself down if I don’t.  Also, I am notorious for not finishing things that I start, so that adds to my apprehension.

So I am starting small…and plan to watch the sun rise over the bay here in Melbourne this week – probably Sunday morning as it’s meant to be clear skies. I value what sleep I get at the moment, but I have a feeling it’ll be worth it.


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