Ending the Week…

More on what I did with James & Ryan last and into the weekend.  I took James to Playdays on Friday – we hadn’t been for a couple of months.  In that time he has obviously developed both physically and mentally, as he rode the big bikes there confidently, did the flying fox on his own, and happily rode in the big padded U-shaped swing they have (previously was afraid of this swing). 

Then Friday evening we went to Hobsons Stores for an early dinner – a bit of a cop out as we’d recently been to Hobsons and we rarely eat out.  But it was fun and I was in no mood for cooking – too hot!  James had his ‘usual’ – fish & chips & broccoli.  It’s very nice coming home to a clean kitchen 🙂  The boys at Hobson’s:

Then on the weekend we again visited the South Yarra park as Martin hadn’t been & James wanted to show him.  We all sat on the hill as James had his afternoon tea, watching the trains go by.  It was a really nice piece of family time.


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