Places for Kids This Week

This week I visited a couple of new places with the boys.  Thursday morning we went to Beaumaris Playhouse for the first time this year.  I joined up this year (pay an annual fee) as it has a good outdoor area and indoors, a paint/art room with lots of craft stuff and smocks, toys for all ages up to pre-school, big choice of books, huge trainset etc. James enjoyed it, and Ryan – he clearly enjoys being around other kids, and thought it’d be a good lead-in to when he goes to daycare. 

Here’s Ryan getting into it (another boy on the right):

Most suburbs in Melbourne have a community playhouse.  I think they’re worth joining – different toys to play with, good place to have a chat with other local Mums and handy for rainy days when you’ve got to get out of the house.

James & I did a lot of play-doh this week and added another cellophane heart to our ever-growing collection on the windows:

Thursday we went to a new park in South Yarra on Alexandra Pde, just off Punt Rd.  It’s fully enclosed so didn’t have to worry about James running off and right next to the bridge for the trains going over the Yarra.  So from the ‘fort’, you can watch the trains, look out over the Yarra river & watch the cars go by.  Perfect for James.  He must’ve seen about 20 trains go past, old, new, V-Line.  When one came past he quickly climbed up into the fort to look at the train through the toy telescope!  Cute.  Here’s Ryan having a swing there:

Finally, this morning we went for a train ride to James’s choice of destination, Balaclava.  About a year ago I took him to Balaclava and we rode a tram and he got a caterpillar cookie.  He has strong memories of this, even remembering there was a leaf stuck on the side of the tram we rode!  So we revisited the bakery with the cookies and this time, he chose a heart-shaped cookie & babycino. 

Then we visited the Coffee Company and I got 300g of Java Express.  You can also buy their coffee online. 

Here’s James enjoying his babycino.


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