East Melbourne & Treasury Gardens

Over the weekend we headed to East Melbourne.  It had been a while since we’d been there…it’s always been a favourite spot for a coffee, a stroll to look at the gorgeous architecture, then a walk through the gardens into the city. 

Had a coffee at George Street Cafe.  Great coffee.  We asked for a warm hot chocolate for James and it was just right.  Sampled a raspberry muffin & apple danish…all fresh and reasonably priced.  I should also mention the Sunday papers were in plentiful supply and so were magazines – all the latest copies!

From there we walked around East Melbourne.  Such beautiful historical homes, I love it.  What a place to live, right on the edge of the city.  Maybe one day….

Then it was an easy walk into Treasury Gardens, where James loved climbing into the huge Moreton Bay figs (and so did I).  Little Ry had a crawl around looking at some leaves.  Some time spent all lying on the grass, before we made a move – a wedding was about to start next to the pond.  They probably wouldn’t have appreciated a 3-year old wedding crasher 🙂


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