Oh Melbourne, Why Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

I was a Sydneysider up until 8 years ago, when I made the move to Melbourne.  I remember the day distinctly, it was January 19, 2002 and I arrived here with one suitcase and no job.  It was quite daunting at the time but I settled in soon enough (and found a job).  Now fast forward to January 2010 and I am still here, married, with two kids…and no job!  Haha.  Well, not a PAID job, but as other Mums will know, looking after young children at home is no walk in the park.

Given I have 8 years of Melbourne living under my belt, does that qualify me as a ‘Melbournite’ I wonder?  Although Sydney is where I grew up and there are so many special places there, Melbourne certainly feels like home now.  Let’s not compare the cities, as Sydney is a great city in it’s own right, and very different.  So let me just count the ways I love Melbourne….

I love that my suburb (Sandringham) is by the bay, but still has a small, village feel.  I love Melbourne’s understated, classic style…I love the weather late Summer through early Autumn (Grand Prix time)…I love the Queen Victoria and South Melbourne markets…that I can walk to Brighton Beach, or St Kilda, or into the city if I chose, and it is flat the whole way!  I love the architecture, especially Middle Park & Albert Park.  The coffee is the best in Australia, hands down.  I love the locals…it’s still fast paced enough to ‘qualify’ as a major city, but people are more open, friendly and happy to have a chat.  I love St Kilda on a balmy summer evening…or wintry night for that matter.  THE FOOD (Melbourne’s food deserves a separate post).  The laneways.  The cyclists.  Melbourne men (married one after all).  The utes.  Melbourne’s pubs & restuarants with open fires in winter.  The cafes (did I mention the coffee?).  The Botanical Gardens & its magical children’s garden.  Wandering over from the Botanical Gardens into beautiful South Yarra.  Some of the best wineries and produce regions less than 2 hours from the city. 

So thank you to Melbourne and the people I know here, for making me feel at home for the good part of a decade now.


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