Vegetable Patch

Gardening is not our forte (mowing the lawn and the odd watering is about it) but recently James inspired me to create a vege patch for our place.  They grow a few veges and herbs at his childcare centre, but our neighbours have a couple of vege boxes and one day gave us a bag of snow peas over the fence.  James tried one and then ate the entire lot, raw!  For a 3 year old who is particular about his veges, this was great to see.  They simply tasted so much better than store-bought ones.

So finally, today we have a vegetable patch!  Martin had built a box out of redgum 3.0m x 0.8m and it had been sitting forlornly in our backyard for over three months.  We layered it with newspaper, straw, then compost/soil, then once everything was planted, more straw on top.  I also got some shadecloth to drape over because it’s so hot here now. 

The end result is not that pretty to look at, but, we have corn, truss tomatoes, cos lettuce, parsley, coriander, carrots and green beans to grow now.  James’ job is to water them every day with his watering can.  Pocket money will ensue!

Corn – cos lettuce – green beans – truss tomatoes – carrots – parsley – coriander


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